The cruelty of evil has touched every life in the village. A rampant army of orcs has destroyed everything in its path. Till now, they've had no obstacles nor fear. Brave archers have answered destiny's call to defend their village from the furious orc army. Sharp arrows, and thirst for revenge, will help them stop the orc expansion. The archers are back...and they're ready for revenge!

Archer’s Revenge is an ancient style 2D shooter game. With more than 30 unique levels you’ll never get bored of shooting a variety of monsters, facing many challenges on your way to victory!

  • Nerthus
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    Nerthus’ arrows are made with raven’s feather, which allows him to reach targets located far away. He has good endurance and is able to recharge fast.
  • Arthur
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    Arthur - the son of a craftsman, his father taught him not only how to make the sharpest blades but also the ancient art of war. As an excellent swordsman and archer he is the perfect choice for close distance combat. His shield is made of the strongest material unknown to man, providing him with a high resistance to enemy attacks.
  • Freya
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    Freya is the daughter of Njord. She learned the art of war from her father since childhood. This warrior with face of angel is filling monsters with dread. She has good accuracy and fast regeneration pace.

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The Team

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    Cristiana Grati - 2D Artist

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    Irina Drozdova - 2D Artist/Animator

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    Mihail Batura - 2D Artist

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    Leonid Peancovschi - Developer

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    Artur Baryshev - Music Composer

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